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New time-table of Russian Balloon Events for 2006
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Coordinates for the connection:

We moved: You may easily reach us it is possible on a car along the Dmitrovskoe highway to the turning to Sofrino (54 km, from MKAD of 35 km), to turn to the right to the "concrete runway" to d. Podosinki, further through 1,5 km to the left to d. Dubrovki.

By railroad: from savelovsky terminus up to Morozki station further on foot or routing taxi

Our address: Moscow region, Dmitrovskiy region, d. of Dubrovki, uch. 15 (coordinate on GPS 1127/2978 UTM).

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(495) 918-51-98, 795-68-16

We are ready:


  • To manufacture balloons and inflatables of any design, size and shape with your company logo;
  • To operate your balloon or your corporate promotion balloon in Russia and at famous balloon events all over the world;
  • To fly AERONATC balloons with your company advertising;
  • To organize your own balloon rallies and other events with foreign and Russian pilots participating. Our company provides professional management and operations support, allowing you to get involved as little or as much as you want;
  • To decorate your corporate promotion event with various inflatables and beautiful colourful balloons. By flying or tethering corporate balloon at trade shows, conventions, and other industry events, your company can receive unsurpassed attention;
  • To provide balloon pilot training course;
  • To provide maintenance of balloons and inflatables;
  • To manufacture or sell balloon equipment and spare parts;
  • To organize manufacture of promotion products with the image of your (corporate) balloon;
  • To manufacture or sell all kinds of souvenirs with ballooning symbolic.

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