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New time-table of Russian Balloon Events for 2006
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Pilots of Velikie Luki Civil Aviation Training Centre will help you to make your dreams come true by flying gently as a bird above most beautiful Velikie Luki countryside in comfort, style and safety. Breath-taking views and the thrill of floating effortlessly with the wind will leave everlasting memories of this unique experience. From the altitude of 1 km (3000ft) you will discover fantastic view over Pskov lakes.
Be aware that "after floating among clouds today a man begins to dream about his own balloon tomorrow".

You will be met by your pilot and crew who will be looking after you throughout your flight until your return to a hotel. We take special care of those who are experiencing their first flight. All our balloons are covered for both third party and public liability. The flight itself will last about one hour, but you will need to allow about three hours from the initial inflation to the return to hotel. Upon landing, the flight will be toasted with a specially selected champagne.
In the day time it is possible to fly in a motor hang-glider, go to sauna (russian banya), test famous Russian boiled fish soup, called "ukha'. Comfortable hotels, restaurants and cafes with pretty good Russian traditional cuisine will surprise you with more the reasonable prices.
Velikie Luki is situated 465 km to the West of from Moscow and easily reachable by car (takes 5-7 hours driving), or by train from Rizhsky Railway Station in Moscow.

1. 1. Weekend balloon adventure tour

Train trip

8.13* pm - departure from Riga Railway Station in Moscow;

7.02* am - arrival to Velikie Luki railway station;

7.05 am - we are meeting you at the station and bringing to a launch site;

7.30 am - beautiful morning balloon ride;

8.00 am - you are flying on the 1000 m (3000 ft) altitude above the ground with the wind. You can touch a fir-cone on top of a tree, a leaf of birch or oak twigs.
Velikie Luki forests are inhabited densely with elks, hares, foxes and other animals. You have a real chance to see them from balloon gondola. Some of them calmly disappear in the forest, others run away. Morning flights are always unforgettable. It is unique chance to greet waking up Mother Earth in all her tender beauty. Soft landing is followed by initiation ceremony with champagne (Tradition since 1783).

10.30 am - accommodation in a hotell;

11.00 am - breakfast or lunch;

12.00 am - boat riding or water-cycling (catamarans) over Lovaty river. Stroll over rampart of ancient fortress in downtown Velikie Luki where open ceremonies of annual international balloon meets are held.

3.00 pm - lunch, rest;

5.00 am - motor hang-glider rides;

7.00 pm - preparation for evening hot-air balloon flight, driving to a launch site, flight. After flight is over, returning to the hotel, dinner and rest till 5.00 am;

5.00 am - waking up, pre-flight coffee;

5.45 am - leaving hotel for morning flight;

6.00 am - morning flight. After landing driving to the unique recreation zone which is situated in pine forest, near beautiful lake. Recreation and fun: Russian traditional banya (sauna with steam), swimming, fishing, tracking, walking in pine forest etc.

6.00 pm - back to hotel;

8.58* pm - leaving Velikie Luki for Moscow;

6.46* -arrival to Rizhsky Railway Station in Moscow.

* - winter schedule for the year 2003.

Note: Adventure tour program can be changed upon your request.


2. Weekend ballooning adventure tour weekend tour

Car trip

Leave Moscow on Friday at 17.00 for Velikie Luki - the ballooning capital of Russia, which is situated 465 km (5-7 hours driving) to the West of Moscow.
Driving into Riga direction you'll pass Volokolamsk, Zubtsov, Rzhev, Olenino, Nelidovo, Zapadnaya Dvina and enter Pskov Region. A group of 4-6 (1-2 vehicles) can be accommodated in a small hotel of a local airport. There is a kitchen, shower (hot water always), TV and other facilities. Airport is 20 minutes driving from downtown Velikie Luki.
Accommodation in "Impuls-Kluss" hotel will allow you to use: parking, restaurant, bar, billiard, sauna, massage etc.

(For the main program - see tour 1).

In the evening of the third day after a bath, fish soup and rest - take a car and home to Moscow. By the way: it is 560 km from Petersburg to Velikie Luki by the Highway#20 directed to Kiev.

Note: Adventure tour program can be changed upon your request.

The only thing out of our control - is flyable weather. That is why we offer you one more tour "Adrenaline - 100%".


3. Tour "Adrenaline - 100%".

During one week every member of a group of 10-20 persons has a possibility to perform:

1. A hot-air balloon flight.

2. A flight in AN-2 plane.

3. A flight in a powered hang-glider.

4. A parachute jump from a plane (1000m height)

5. Mini-cruise along Lovat river in raft, rest on a glade, stripe of artificial obstacles, tracking, aquatic slalom, dinner, barbecue (pieces of roasted mutton or other meet).

6. Motor boat & scooter rids.

7. Russian sauna with light steam (banya).

8. Sauna with a light heat up to 130 °C.

9. Tasting original russian cuisine - zander, bream, perch, pike fish-soup.

10. Bus excursion to Pechora Cloister (visit into caves where monks and famous Russian poet Alexander Pushkin buried), Isborsk - oldest Russian fortress, Pskov (Kremlin, Trinity Cathedral), Pushkin's hills, M.P. Musorgskiy museum. Excursions can be booked in Velikie Luki.

11. You can relax and feel serenity and beauty of Russian nature picking berries, mushrooms, nuts and flowers growing in ecologically clean environment of Pskov region.

Accommodation upon your desire: hotels, recreation base, summer cottages, tent camp on a lake shore.
Meals: restaurants, canteen at recreation base. If you prefer to cook yourself - kitchen or campfire available.


Post address: 182100, Russia, Pskov Region, Velikie Luki district, Airport.

Contacts in Velikie Luki: phone: (81153) 2-65-96, 6-04-31.

Contacts in Moscow: Phone/fax +7 (495) 918-51-98, 795-68-16.

Velikie Luki IS waiting for you!


Hot-air balloon ride

We offer flights over oldest towns of "Russian Golden RING":

in Yaroslav Region: Pereyaslavl-Zalessky and Rostov Velikiy,

In Moscow Region: Sergiev Posad and Dmitrov.


Glimpse of history

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