Balloon Pilot training school

Educational institution

"General Aviation Educational-Technical Center"
Velikie Luki, Pskov Region

“Successful completion of training leads to private pilot's certificate”

Theoretic course (72 hours)
(up to 4 student pilots in a group)
300 EURO
Flight training (10 hours with instructor)
including the insurance of the instructor and student-pilots (it is expected that the instructor works with 2 student pilots)
280 EURO
Overhead expenses 500 EURO
Study materials 70 EURO
Balloon rent including: third party damage insurance, balloon insurance and propane (2 student pilots per 1 balloon) 750 EURO
Chase vehicle with driver's services included (2 student pilots per balloon\vehicle) 200 EURO
Exams (11 subjects) Minimum 2 students in a group 300 EURO

Expected cost of education of one student.

If there are minimum 2 student pilots in a group - tuition fee for one student is app: 1200 EURO

How to reduce education fee:

  1. To get theoretical curse, pass exams at the Flight School and take flight training at home. You can invite instructor pilot and pay him\her all tuition and travel expenses.
  2. Shortened theoretical course for students with aviation background.
  3. Student uses his own chase vehicle and balloon (including insurance).



Address: 182100, Russia, Aeroport "Velikie Luki",
Maksimovo, Velikie Luki district, Pskov Region


The order of entering the Flight School.

The following are the general requirements for students to get Russian balloon pilot license and a log book:

  • application form;
  • entry form;
  • 6 colour photoes (size: 4 x 5 sm);
  • Passport or Identity Document;
  • Prompt Medical Certificate issued in Russia (according par.156, ch.VI of Medical Examination Regulations in Civil Aviation in Russia);
  • document confirming that payment has been made.

    We can normally complete the training in: 10-12 days (excluding weekends).

    Phones in Moscow:

    tel/fax: +7 (495) 918-51-98, 795-68-16.


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