Aeronatc Team took part in the 11th Festival “Lorraine Mondial Air Balloons", which took place in France from July 24 till August 3 2009. During this Event there was set a World Record of Longest Balloons Line of 329 hot-air balloons. more in detail>>>

8th Balloon Festival “Golden Ring of Russia” took place in Pereslavl-Zalessky from 15 to 19 July 2009. more in detail>>>

18th World Hot Air Balloon Championship has been held in Hofkirchen, Austria from 13 till 21 September more in detail>>>

Congratulations to Russian team: pilots Alexey MEDVEDSKY, Sergey LATYPOV, Andrey DENISENKO and their crew members successfully performed at the 18th World’s. The whole team affords and splendid airmanship of Alexey MEDVEDSKY brought to him Silver Medal – it is for the very first time for the whole history of Russian competitive ballooning. This achievement allow us to believe in popularisation and renascence of this beautiful and spectacular sport in Russia.
Well done! So keep on! Attaboys!


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To manufacture hot air balloons and inflatables of any design and size with your company logo more in detail>>>

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  Полеты в г. Каменец-Подольский (Украина) 2005 гПолеты в г.Дебрецен (Венгрия) 2005 г.Полеты в г. Херсон (Украина) 2005 г.Полеты в г.Ереван (Армения) 2008 г.Полеты во Франции 2009 г.

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